Policy decision based on HTTP header value?

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    Hi, I’ve looked through the docs and attempted to write an scripted policy condition to evaluate a user’s assigned client id against a value set in the HTTP header. Currently, I have the apache agent extract the client id from the URL and convert it to an HTTP header like this:


    .. and proxy the request to ..


    Now in OpenAM, I want to match that X_CLIENT_ID value against attributes of the groups that the user is a member of. So if the user is a member of group “Client 123” with attribute (id=123), then authorize the request.

    The problem I’m facing is I don’t know how to access the original request data from my scripted policy. I have dumped the “environment” variable available in script, but it doesn’t contain any HTTP headers. Is there a way to do this in OpenAM? It would seem that not having access to original request data in the policy script would be a severe limitation, so I’m hoping that I’m missing something obvious here…


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