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    I have setup an OpenAM Idp with a Python Django SP,along with LDAP integration module for authentication. The SP is redirected to the OpenAM login page. But after successfully authentication,the user is denied access to the SP’s ACS page. Could this be an authorization issue related to Policies? If so, how to we give the LDAP users access to the SP’s pages.

     Scott Heger

    Do you have a policy agent in the mix here? If not, then no, it wouldn’t be a policy issue. If you do have a policy agent involved….why?


    There is no policy agent involved. There is no AttributeStatement being returned as part of the SAML response back to the SP. The user profile mode is set to dynamic and the user is added to the Subjects on successful authentication. Im guessing this should be an issue with the attribute mapping on the IdP.Is that right?

     Scott Heger

    Yea, that would be an issue with your attribute mapping. You have to map them properly in your IDP for use in creating your dynamic profiles, then you need to map them in your SP to populate into your assertion. I believe that is the process when you use dynamic profiles.

     Peter Major

    See also . You should write a custom IdPAttributeMapper if you want attribute mapping to work correctly when using Dynamic profile mode.

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