Performance Metrics for OpenIG, OpenAM and OpenDJ

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    Are there any baseline performance metrics for the ForgeRock Products like TPS and response times for the given infrastructure? If so, can you please share the details? It will be helpful.

     Jamie Bowen

    Hi Anji,

    The sheer number and diversity of use cases that our products support mean that it is impossible to publish a set of ‘benchmark’ performance metrics that give meaningful value to users. In fact, it can lead to incorrect assumptions and expectations. There are some ‘extreme performance’ benchmarks and those are available to ForgeRock’s customers under an NDA agreement.

    Hope that helps,


     Jamie Bowen

    Bearing all the above caveats in mind, you may find some OpenAM perf info in this video presentation;


    Hi Jamie, If you can share TestSuite, I will perform execution and will produce metrics.

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