Performance in Open Policy evaluation: takes seconds for each auth check

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    I am not too sure to post the following problem here, if it is not the right place please advise me.

    The policy evaluation takes minimum 6 seconds for each access check and users are complaining about the performance.

    As part of the Authorization infrastructure associated to OpenAM policy engine, the problem we are currently facing is the policy evaluation is occurring across all the policies in the data store irrespective of the groups associated to the subject.

    Could you please advise is there anything wrong the way I have configured or is it meant to work in the way how it is behaving in my environment.

    Thanks in advance.

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     Peter Major

    You should probably provide the version of OpenAM you are using. OpenAM 11.0.0 introduced improvements around policy evaluation performance, so generally things should be much better from then on. Since you mentioned groups in your post, you may be also running into OPENAM-1964, but without the version number, it is hard to tell.


    Hi Peter,

    Thank you for the reply, we are running version 9.5.5.


    But I have been told that the 9.5.6 patch has been implemented in our environment and I could see the change in the AMIdentity class file (i.e. exclusion of the Group block) .

     Peter Major

    In which case you should investigate a bit more on what is exactly taking up so much of the time. I would suggest to run jstacks against a slowly performing policy evaluation and see what takes long (alternatively look at the message level debug logs for similar kind of information.
    If you are more techy, then attach a profiler to the JVM to get more details about the problem.


    Thanks for the advise Peter. I will come back with enough information.

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