Password sync from othe ldap (oracle dsee) to openDJ 6

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    Hi. This is single openDJ 6.0 with users entries. Need to sync users passwords (digest/encrypted) from other ldap server (Oracle DSEE). How can i do that correctly?

     Chris Ridd

    If you set your target users’ password policy on DJ to allow pre-encoded passwords, you should be able to read the password hashes from the ODSEE, and write them as-is into DJ.

    You’ll obviously need to make sure that ODSEE is storing its passwords in a compatible way with DJ. We know that things like the salted SHA mechanisms are compatible, but you’ll obviously need to test this part thoroughly.

     Andy Cory

    Just to say that, as implementors, we’ve done exactly as Chris describes on a number of occasions to migrate hashed passwords, and it’s always worked without issue.

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