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    Hello Everyone,

    I have been looking for any confirmation if the Open Suite of tools supports a password blacklist to prevent users having a password of the right complexity, but still easy to guess.
    E.G Password123 – Uppercase, lowercase, numericals and over the required length.

    I cannot find any mention or queries of this.

    Any thoughts?

     Andy Cory

    The best way to achieve this is likely to be with a custom password validator, which is a Java class that extends the default PasswordValidator. In this class you can code whatever behaviour you want, including checking against a password blacklist. There is some info on custom validators here ->

     Andy Cory

    I should have said this is in OpenDJ rather than OpenAM!

     Brad Tumy
     Andy Cory

    Thanks @brad-tumy, even better than there’s an out of the box solution – I’d missed that.

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