Passing parameters when using OAuth2ClientFilter ?

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    Is it possible to add parameters to the authorization endpoint URL when using OAuth2ClientFilter ?

    My OAuth 2.0 Client is configured at a realm level so need to add &realm=XX to the url.


    Yes, when you provide the authorizeEndpoint URI value in config, you can provide query string elements.
    We’re just appending the OAuth 2.0 required additional elements (response_type, client_id, state, …).

    Something like this should be OK:

            "type": "Issuer",
            "config": {
              "authorizeEndpoint": "",
              "tokenEndpoint": ""

    Thanks, I was using
    Which doesn’t appear to be modifiable via parameters.


    Seems that you can add a realm query string element in this URL as well.
    See!/docs/openam/13/admin-guide#configure-openid-connect-discovery (end of section)


    Yes, I was trying to use that approach but authorization endpoint wasn’t changing.

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