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    Is it possible to pass dynamic parameter values to OpenAM policy endpoint and evaluate a particular attribute against the passed value?
    For ex: I would like to pass some value like type=admin to evaluate endpoint and in the policy, I want to check if attribute “employeeType=admin”.

     Peter Major

    You can pass arbitrary data to the policy framework in the environment map. The environment map will be then accessible in a custom policy condition for example.


    Thanks Peter.
    Regarding environment map, I have a question regarding the Identity Membership condition.
    I am not sure how it works, but if I try to invoke a policy with “Identity Membership” condition, it doesn’t work. In the logs, I see InvocatorUUID not available. Should we pass any particular parameter in policy request body for “Identity Membership” condition?

     Peter Major

    Feel free to use your subscription and raise a ticket on backstage if you are having problems with one of the features. Support is there to help…

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