OpenIG unable to load all pages and login from the proxied url

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    I am trying to configure OpenIG to proxy two applications. One application is on the same ubuntu machine where OpenIG is deployed. Another application is on another ec2 machine

    My configuration is the same as what was provided on this doc:

    I just have two files that are similar to “01-static.json” from the doc with different routes and urls.

    If I start OpenIG and go to the second route, OpenIG fails to get all .css and .js files from the application, it doesn’t pass credentials either. I am only able to get one local application loaded using OpenIG and even for that particular application it does not send any static credentials.

    I have also configured using this link as mentioned in the troubleshooting section.

    Can anyone help me understand if the configuration needs to change or is it not possible to protect two different applications with OpenIG?

    Thanks in advance!

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    A few questions:
    * Have you confirmed you can route to the ec2 machine from the IG machine directly (perhaps using curl or similar)?
    * Do you have conditions on your route handlers? If so, what are they and what order are the routes configured?
    * Can you share your route(s)?

    It sounds like your first route might be picking up the requests intended for If so, this can be resolved using different handler conditions.

    The examples in the IG docs use paths as handler conditions, but it sounds like you want to do this based on host-name. You can route based on host-name by replacing:
    "condition": "${matches(request.uri.path, '^/static')}"
    with something like:
    "condition": "${ eq ''}"
    …or if you need to specify the port also:
    "condition": "${ eq '' and request.uri.port eq 8000}"

    Just make sure you do it for all your routes unless you want to mix path and domain based conditions. If you mix, the first matching route is the only one that will be used.

    – Chris

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