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    Hi Everyone,

    I have integrated OpenIG 4.0(OIDC Relying Party) with OpenAM 13.0(OpenID ProvideR) with the instructions in the below document.

    I have been able to access a protected resource and print all the headers set in “attributes.openid” which is forwarded as HTTPHeader from OpenIG. All I see is
    1) id_token extracted “attributes.openid.id_token” from which is encoded JWT Token that has all the information about the claims(basic profile info) that are specified in scope(openid, email).
    2) access_token extracted from “attributes.openid.access_token” which seems like a random opaque value.

    How do I get the access_token which is JWT format with scopes and claims bundled in it?



    You would need to configure the access token to be stateless in order for it to be in JWT format. Not sure if that option is available in 13.0, but it is available in 13.5 and newer.

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