OpenIG as SAML 2.0 Service Provider

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    I’m trying to understand how OpenIG works as Service Provider with SAML 2.0.
    The “SamlFederationHandler” handler receives the SAML response from the IDP, and maps the assertions. But how this handler works when it has to send an authentication request to the IDP?

    Referring to the example in Forgerock documentation (par. 6.9):
    The URL to intiate an auth. request is “”, but there isn’t a specific route for “/saml/SPInitiatedSSO”. The only route that matches is “/saml”, which is the following:
    “handler”: {
    “type”: “SamlFederationHandler”,
    “config”: {
    “assertionMapping”: {
    “username”: “mail”,
    “password”: “employeenumber”
    “subjectMapping”: “subjectName”,
    “redirectURI”: “/federate”
    “condition”: “${matches(exchange.request.uri.path, ‘^/saml’)}”,
    “session”: “JwtSession”

    It seems that this handler only receives the responses from the IDP. Who sends the auth. request to the IDP?

     Mark Craig

    There’s a second configuration file mentioned a bit further down in the chapter you cite, 05-federate.json. That is the route than handles the redirect to /federate. As you see in the content of the example you posted, that redirect is to OpenIG, rather than to some endpoint on the protected server.

    Notice that it calls the SPInitiatedSSO endpoint when exchange.session.username is empty.


    yes, it calls the “saml/SPInitiatedSSO” endpoint when the username is empty, but who handles this endopint?

     Mark Craig

    Missed your follow up question, sorry.

    Underneath the covers, the SamlFederationHandler wraps requests to the Fedlet library that OpenIG bundles. The Fedlet is a library from OpenAM that works as a lightweight SAML 2.0 Service Provider. So it is the Fedlet that handles the Web SSO profile together with the Identity Provider. In the example, it initiates SSO from the Service Provider side.

    The Fedlet configuration files are briefly described in
    For more documentation on the Fedlet library if you need that, have a look at the OpenAM developer’s guide chapter,

    Hope it helps,

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