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     Kabi Patt

    Hi ,

    I am new to Open IG. Trying to use OpenIG as a proxy to start with.

    I have a sample app http://box1.abc.com/app1 running in box and I wanted to access it thru http://openig.abc.com/app1 (this is the box2 for openIG) . I followed the instruction mentioned section 2.4 in https://backstage.forgerock.com/docs/openig/4/gateway-guide/chap-quickstart#quickstart-config . I am getting this error because of a 404 :-

    { “error”: “Something gone wrong, please contact your system administrator.”}

    (1) I am not sure, if the tomcat is reading the json file , as I do not see the debug message in catalinia.out. I placed the .openig directory in TOMCAT_HOME.

    (2) There is config.json file and many other json files in “routes” directory. What is the difference ? Anyway, My current config.json looks like this :-

    handler”: {
    “type”: “Router”,
    “audit”: “global”,
    “baseURI”: “http://box1.abc.com/”,
    “capture”: “all”
    “condition”: “${request.uri.path == ‘/cabo’}”

    (3) and my 99-default.json ]looks like this :-
    “handler”: “ClientHandler”



     Joachim Andres

    Hi Kabi,

    The condition should be something like /app1 I suppose (and not /cabo) :

    “condition”: “${request.uri.path == ‘/app1’}”

    You should check the route-system.log and the route-<appname>.log files. Those are located in the ${OPENIG_BASE}/logs directory.


     Kabi Patt

    Thanks Joachim for quick reply. Yes that condition should be “/app1”.

    (1) What is the difference between config.json and route JSON file in “routes” directory ?
    (2) Can I put the above said configuration in 01-app1-route.json file with no config.json file ?
    (3) my config.json file has following entries, which suppose to show the log in catalina.out:-

    “name”: “LogSink”,
    “type”: “ConsoleLogSink”,
    “config”: {
    “level”: “DEBUG”

    And I do not see the log in the catalina.out.

    Thanks in advance.

     Kabi Patt

    I found my mistake. I had kept the .openig file in $TOMCAT_HOME folder instead of $HOME (/root in my case) directory. Once I transferred the .openif directory to $HOME, rest started working as expected. I also moved the app1 specific routing syntax from config.json to routes/01-app-routes.json file for clean separation. I guess config.json meant for global level setting like logs file only. Correct me if I am wrong.

     Joachim Andres

    Glad it works. Note that you can set the base directory via the OPENIG_BASE environment variable.
    You are correct on config.json vs routes configuration. It is more practical to have routes in separate files.


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