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    I need to achieve following in OpenIDM forms.
    1) Setup a wizard like feature. Basically paged form using “next” back buttons
    2) Populate a dropdown on change of a another dropdown. (select city for a state)
    3) Search functionality (instead of a dropdown with huge list we need search box where data can be searched from a DB table)

    thank you

     Morten Lømo

    Good questions. I´m interested in the same things.

    Some input on 2) from an amateur. I have solved 2) by 3 tasks in the workflow: UserTask(1)->ScriptTask(2)->UserTask(3). In UserTask(1) the user selects the first dropdown. I use ScriptTask(2) to lookup values in the database based on his selection. In UserTask(3) the user selects the second dropdown. However, this solution is not very elegant, because the user, after having completed the first GUI, has to go through his task list and pick a task before he can continue to the next GUI. A NEXT button, to take the user from the first GUI to the next GUI, would have been much better.


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