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    In all my browsers(FF,Chrome, Opera) UI is broken, this is just in my computer.

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     Brad Tumy


    You need to provide more information for anyone to be able to help you with this. Is OpenIDM installed on your computer or it’s installed elsewhere and you are trying to access this on your computer? Are other people able to access this OpenIDM instance? Have you tried to clear your browser history/cache?



    Its install on a linux server, Other people can access it and it works fine,
    I also cleared my cache. The strange think is its broken in all my browsers.

    here is a sample image

     Brad Tumy

    That’s pretty strange. Was it working for you before and then broke or has it never worked correctly on your computer? Can you think of anything unique to your computer? firewall, VPN, proxy, plugins that could be causing the issue? The screenshot that you took looked like a CSS rendering issue. It also looks like you guys are using a nightly build of OpenIDM … Maybe there is some comparability issue and your computer settings. Have you tried any other version? Can you install a local instance on the same computer and test to see if you get the same results?


    Hello both,

    yes, sorry for that, but the Admin UI is currently broken on the nightly build.
    We raised an issue:
    And we are actively working on it.
    If you are not expecting specific 3.2/Trunk feature, you can use the Release 3.1 in the meantime.



    Thanks guys will use the Release 3.1.

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