OpenIDM: specify group object class in OpenDj connector

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     Tubin Shaji

    In OpenIDM, How do we change the default object class of group in OpenDJ ldap connector? Or how can we optionally select object class in REST API like


    By default the groupObjectClasses is groupOfUniqueNames and top

     Bill Nelson

    Pasting my same response from the OpenDJ Forum.

    This is defined in the configurationProperties section of the LDAP provisioner file as the groupObjectClasses property as follows:

            "groupObjectClasses" : [

    If you want to change this value over REST, you can do so by crafting a REST call to the appropriate openidm/config object (the provisoner configuration that you defined for your LDAP server).

    You had previously asked a similar question here:

    In which I referred you to the following document: See section 6.4 (“Configuring OpenIDM Over REST”) in the OpenIDM Integrator’s Guide.

    Did you ever get this working for you? If not, then for anyone to provide any advice, you need to share the call you are making and the error(s) that you received in order to provide assistance. Asking general questions that you have already asked elsewhere seem to indicate that you may not understand the basic concepts about the topic in which you are asking. For that, you really need to read through section 6.4 or I would even point you to ForgeRock’s OpenIDM training class: Short of doing that, post how you are testing this on your own and what problems you are having and maybe someone will be able to help.


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