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    I have configured one-way sync between OpenIDM & OpenDJ, i.e. users created in OpenIDM are pushed to OpenDJ.
    However, I am able to reconcile users successfully when i do not push password from OpenIDM to OpenDJ.
    But when I include password field, I get the errror as Target does not support attribute userPassword.

    Let me know if I am missing something or any pointers to resolve this would be helpful.

    Below are the excerpts from my config files –


    under account objectType , password field is defined as

    “userPassword” : {
    “type” : “string”,
    “nativeName” : “userPassword”,
    “nativeType” : “string”,
    “flags” : [

    for mapping managedUser_sourceOpendjAccount
    mapping for password field is defined as
    “target” : “userPassword”,
    “source” : “password”,
    “condition” : {
    “type” : “text/javascript”,
    “source” : “object.password != null”
    “transform” : {
    “type” : “text/javascript”,
    “source” : “openidm.decrypt(source);”



    This configuration is used in our Sample2b from install guide and works well. Did you try sample2b?



    Hi Laurent,

    Yes, I have tried sample2b and taken the leads from there itself to configure the mappings for OpenIDM-OpenDJ sync. But it’s not working and giving the error as –
    Target does not support attribute userPassword



    While configuring the connector, did you select LDAP DJ as the LDAP type? Also check in object types if you have userPassword as an attribute.


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