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    I have data sync from openidm to opendj and for few attributes from opendj to openidm. currently opendj confidentiality feature is disabled. If we enable that is going to impact data sync from DJ to Openidm. And another question can I sync opendj operational attributes to openidm ?


     Bill Nelson

    I have not tested livesync against a DJ server with confidentiality enabled, but it should not be a problem. The purpose of data confidentiality is to encrypt data at rest, but it is still available to LDAP clients that are allowed access to this data (based on ACIs) and the data is transmitted in the clear, so I don’t see enabling livesync as an issue. Its a simple test, however, to determine this; just enable the feature, add a new record, and see what happens (keep in mind that enabling this feature does not affect existing data in the DB, only new entries).

    Yes, you can sync operational attributes back to IDM, but only if you explicitly define/map them in the provisioner and sync.json files.

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