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     Tubin Shaji

    Why user’s description attribute is not showing(UI) in mapping?


    can you be more specific?
    Are looking at an existing mapping, if so which one?
    Are you trying to build your own mapping? If so what objects are you mapping together?
    If you can share a screenshot and mention openIDM version, that could be useful as well.

     Tubin Shaji

    It is a mapping between OpenDJ account and OpenIDM user object(sample2b). I was trying to create the same mapping. But the description attribute is not present in the mapping properties. I am using OpenIDM 4.O. It seems working While adding the description attribute in property field of sync.json file. But not showing in the UI.


    yes, you found a bug that I raised in our bug management tool.
    The problem is that “description” is not defined in the schema of Managed Users in samples/sample2b/managed.json so it is not listed in the drop down of properties in the Admin UI.
    Your workaround is fine though: just add it manually in the sync.json file.

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