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     Scott Heger

    Is there any way to call the /openidm/info/ping endpoint and have it return successfully without having to pass in credentials? Using OpenIDM 3.1 and just looking for options at this point.

     Simon Moffatt

    I believe all endpoints require authentication of some sort…You could of course create an account with access just for the ../ping endpoint to save using openidm-admin


    You could authorize an SSL mutual auth client to call it (openidm-cert role).
    Or if you’re really okay to have it open to anyone, you could authorize the anonymous user to call it.
    If you truly must have it callable without setting any headers etc then it might get a bit less out of the box, e.g. writing a servlet filter to satisfy a configured auth module.
    Just some options

     Scott Heger


    Thanks for the replies. All good suggestions. We’re working with a monitoring solution that may or may not be able to provide headers in its requests so at this point I was trying to determine options from the OpenIDM side.

    Appreciate the help.


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