OpenIdM Active Directory Attribute Updates

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    Whenever I try to update to an Active Directory Connector during reconciliation, I always get an InvalidAttributeValueException. I have verified many times over that the value is a valid type (String). In fact if the value is synchronized (initially) from AD and I change even a single character the update will fail when I reconcile the other direction.
    Has anyone seen this behaviour? I have verified the user account has full User Management delated control to Read/Create/Update/Manage users.


    I’m getting the same thing. When looking at the recon.audit.log – I am seeing the following (for example). Should the value of “after” be null?

    “transactionId”: “885154bd-d1b0-4e42-934a-def44e86955e-971741”,
    “timestamp”: “2018-09-28T04:06:03.379Z”,
    “eventName”: “activity”,
    “userId”: “openidm-admin”,
    “runAs”: “openidm-admin”,
    “operation”: “UPDATE”,
    “before”: {
    “sn”: “Blogs”,
    “employeeType”: “STUDENT”,
    “givenName”: “Jo”,
    “distinguishedName”: “CN=12345678,OU=Student,O=Curtin”,
    “pwdLastSet”: “2011-11-13T11:25:22Z”,
    “middleName”: “Doug”,
    “displayName”: “Jo Blogs”,
    “cn”: “12345678”,
    “uid”: “12345678”,
    “_id”: “CN=12345678,OU=Student,O=Curtin”
    “after”: null,
    “changedFields”: [],
    “revision”: null,
    “message”: “Attribute value conflicts with the attribute’s schema definition on operation UPDATE for system object: CN=12345678,OU=Student,O=Curtin”,
    “objectId”: “CN=12345678,OU=Student,O=Curtin”,
    “passwordChanged”: false,
    “status”: “FAILURE”,
    “_id”: “885154bd-d1b0-4e42-934a-def44e86955e-971770”

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