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    Hi all,
    Im new to openidm and I’d like to configure enduser selfregistration with reCAPTCHA.
    So on the admin GUI I enabled User Registration under Configuration, turned on and configured reCaptcha under Options (added the site and secret keys)
    when I click on Create an account on the UI, I get a “reCaptcha configured improperly” message.
    any hints on where to look for errors?
    reCaptcha is configured as v2 (per the openidm docs), localhost (where my openidm instance runs) is added to the reCaptcha domains.
    any hints?


    There is currently a bug inside of the captcha component inside of the Vue where the error detection is catching when it shouldn’t. A PR has been put up to fix this in stash which will migrate over to the github location for enduser.

    Specific source of error: https://github.com/ForgeRock/end-user-ui/blob/master/src/components/selfservice/common/Captcha.vue#L38


    Is this still broken on IDM 6.5.2?

    Participant, I meant. Not 6.5.2.

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