OpenIDM 5.0, OpenDJ 5.0: Issue in updating user info in opendj from openidm

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    We are using groovy rest OpenDJ out-of-box connector in openidm and opendj as LDAP. When we create user in openidm it saves user in opendj by this connector, but when we update suppose say givenName it updates givenname in opendj but it discards previously saved emailAddress in opendj.

    Again if I update user then emailAddress gets saved in opendj.

    So in update all information gets saved perfectly but emailAddress gets missed out in 1st,3rd,5th,7th…odd number update. It gets saved in 2nd, 4th, 6th even number upadte operation.

    Checked log in groovy opendj ldap rest connector, there all information comes correctly but it discards from opendj on odd number user info update.

    We are using OpenIDM 5.0, OpenDJ 5.0

    This connector works fine on OpenIDM 4.0 and opendj 3.0.

    Pl. suggest me if I missed here anything.


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    And we have tested curl request too directly on opendj, the result is same, I believe this is the bug in opendj.


    After creating I get demo103 user by get REST on opendj:

    {“_id”:”demo103″,”_rev”:”0000000052daac2e”,”_schema”:”frapi:openidm:samples:user:1.0″,”_meta”:{“created”:”2017-08-31T07:06:56Z”,”lastModified”:”2017-08-31T07:07:08Z”},”displayName”:”demo103 demo103″,”accountStatus”:”active”,”name”:{“givenName”:”demo103″,”familyName”:”demo103″},”password”:”{SSHA512}tmwDCdsadsadad233iomg4gSBtvXHBqUhjdsajfhdfdfy343DSFSFffdzP3xLgBBIADBoEgxTcVyzf+CbqT/sdsadasdas3″,”groups”:[{“_id”:”Redmine,Owncloud”}],”contactInformation”:{“telephoneNumber”:”55566666″,”emailAddress”:”[email protected]”}}

    then I update givenName =demo104 on openidm and again retrieve then below is the output:

    {“_id”:”demo103″,”_rev”:”0000000052daac2e”,”_schema”:”frapi:openidm:samples:user:1.0″,”_meta”:{“created”:”2017-08-31T07:06:56Z”,”lastModified”:”2017-08-31T07:07:08Z”},”displayName”:”demo103 demo103″,”accountStatus”:”active”,”name”:{“givenName”:”demo104″,”familyName”:”demo103″},”password”:”{SSHA512}tmwDCdsadsadad233iomg4gSBtvXHBqUhjdsajfhdfdfy343DSFSFffdzP3xLgBBIADBoEgxTcVyzf+CbqT/sdsadasdas3″,”groups”:[{“_id”:”Redmine,Owncloud”}],”contactInformation”:{}}

    So here it remains continue for odd update it discards contactInformation and in even update request it reappears.



    Found a bug in OpenDJ 5.0 REST2LDAP API. User creation is working fine. but getting strange behavior in Update user request.

    curl –insecure –user idm:password –request PUT –header “Content-Type: application/json” –header “If-Match: *” –data ‘{“contactInformation”:{“telephoneNumber”:null,”emailAddress”:”[email protected]”},”name”:{“familyName”:”demo103″,”givenName”:”demo103″},”displayName”:”demo103 demo103″,”accountStatus”:”active”}’ https://localhost:8443/api/users/demo103

    {“_id”:”demo103″,”_rev”:”000000005168ac24″,”_schema”:”frapi:openidm:samples:user:1.0″,”_meta”:{“created”:”2017-08-31T07:06:56Z”,”lastModified”:”2017-08-31T10:07:31Z”},”displayName”:”demo103 demo103″,”accountStatus”:”active”,”name”:{“givenName”:”demo103″,”familyName”:”demo103″},”password”:”{SSHA512}tmwDCdeBc8Ziomg4gSBtvXHBqUfjvZXmm4L0LpIJAgJGRof15HATdRzP3xLgBBIADBoEgxTcVyzf+CbqT/5kTQj9p2OHZ0gH”,”contactInformation”:{},”groups”:[{“_id”:”VNCMail”},{“_id”:”VNCProject”},{“_id”:”VNCSafe”}]}

    It will removed ContactInformation which include emailAddress and telephonenumber information.
    Again if try same request then it will add this information. Gets missed out in 1st,3rd,5th,7th…odd number update. It gets saved in 2nd, 4th, 6th even number upadte operation.

    If we don’t include contact information in REST call then also it will save blank information for contanctInformation fields (emailAddress and telephonenumber).

    Is there any solution ?

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