OpenIDM 4 snapshot – JDBC repository configured bt datasource was not found

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     Matt Mencel

    I’m trying out OpenIDM 4 using the nightly snapshots. I’ve got my MySQL database created.

    I see there are some changes to the repo.jdbc.json file compared to 3.x, and there’s a new value called useDataSource with a default value of “default”. The 4.0 docs make no mention of what this should be set to.

    When I launch OpenIDM I get this error in the logs.

    SEVERE: JDBC repository configured, but datasource "default" was not found -  must specify or configure a valid datasource for JDBC repository to use.

    That has to be set to something because if I remove it, it logs that it’s missing. But what do I set it to?

    The top of my repo.jdbc.json file looks like this…

        "dbType" : "MYSQL",
        "useDataSource" : "default",
        "jndiName" : "",
        "driverClass" : "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver",
        "jdbcUrl" : "jdbc:mysql://",
        "username" : "openidm",
        "password" : "mypass",
        "defaultCatalog" : "openidm",
        "maxBatchSize" : 100,
        "maxTxRetry" : 5,
        "enableConnectionPool" : true,
        "connectionTimeoutInMs" : 30000,
        "queries" : {
     Matt Mencel

    Ah….there’s a new conf file there called datasource.jdbc-default.json. Looks like that’s where I need to be looking.


    yes, indeed, you need both files now:
    – repo.jdbc.json
    – datasource.jdbc-default.json
    some explanations can be found in openidm/db/README

     Matt Mencel

    Moved my connection info to that datasource file. Works. Brilliant! :)

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