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    I have implemented a OpenICF Connector in which everything seems to work as expected when mapping against the managed users, with a single exception.
    I don’t see any ‘Data’ tab in the IdM (v6) Admin Web Interface. Any ideas on why this wouldn’t appear? I’ve implemented the following interfaces:
    Connector, CreateOp, ResolveUsernameOp, DeleteOp, SearchOp<Filter>, UpdateOp, SchemaOp, TestOp

    Any insight into this?


    For the SearchOp methods are you writing results to the ResultHandler? Are you able to share the code of your connector or at least snippets of it?


    Yes I am writing to result handler – I mostly followed the code from the CSV connector… here is the entire method… I appreciate the response and hope you can further clarify. The documentation is OK, but not terribly detailed.

        public void executeQuery(ObjectClass oclass, Filter query, ResultsHandler handler, OperationOptions options) {
  "Query oclass - {0}, query - {1}, options - {2}", oclass.getObjectClassValue(), query, options.toString());
            PagingOptions pageOptions = getPagingOptions(options);
            int nextRowOffset = (pageOptions.pageSize > 0) ? (pageOptions.offset + pageOptions.pageSize) : 0;
            int resultsHandled = pageOptions.pageSize;
            Map<String, String> account = new HashMap<>();
            for (int i = 0; i < ACCOUNTS.get(configuration.getFilename()).get(NAME).size(); i++){
                for (String header : ACCOUNTS.get(configuration.getFilename()).keySet()) {
                    account.put(header, ACCOUNTS.get(configuration.getFilename()).get(header).get(i));
                ConnectorObject object = buildConnectorObject(account);
                if (query == null || query.accept(object)){
                    if (pageOptions.offset-- <= 0){
                        if (!handler.handle(object)){
                        if (pageOptions.pageSize > 0 && --resultsHandled <= 0) {
            if (handler instanceof SearchResultsHandler) {
                SearchResult searchResult = new SearchResult(
                        nextRowOffset > ACCOUNTS.get(configuration.getFilename()).get(NAME).size()
                                ? "0"
                                : Base64.encode(String.valueOf(nextRowOffset).getBytes()),
                        Math.max(0, ACCOUNTS.get(configuration.getFilename()).get(NAME).size() - nextRowOffset));
                ((SearchResultsHandler) handler).handleResult(searchResult);
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