OpenDJ4: Error when modifying atributes of inetorgperson: duplicates

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    I need to modify a atribute in some of the “Persons” (users) created by OpenAM, for some quick testing, directly in the OpenDJ, using the control panel GUI.

    My objective is to change a particular atribute I have added to the “inetuser” class.

    But even if I try to modify any other atribute, a standard one, like “street or telephone number” when I enter a value and press Save changes, in OpenDJ 4 control panel it gives me an error about duplicate.
    It mentions something about organizationalPerson, which is a class I have not changed.

    Same operation in OpenDJ3 works ok.
    Any help or sugestion, please?

    See image in

    By the way: testing another thing (adding the atribute using ComandLineInterpretet) I realized ldapmodify program does not suport the “-a” action anymore… Although just omitting that parameter it works ok(?!)

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