OpenDJ sync master to slave Issue

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    Hi there,

    OpenDJ version : 2.6.3

    Use case :
    1.created a new user with “organizations” attribute set to org105 via REST2LDAP(calling master server) and user gets created on both master(001) and salve(002) openDJ Servers, which are replicated via 2 replication servers
    2.However, Patch of same user with “organizations” attribute set to org105 with operation ADD via REST2LDAP(calling master server) gets reflected in master but not on slave due to below exeception

    Based on the replication logs from (salve-002) server : patch user replication is failing because patch user is trying to add existing organization value to organization (multi value) attribute

    [20/Jul/2017:04:12:49 -0700] category=SYNC severity=MILD_ERROR msgID=14876739 msg=Could not replay operation ModifyOperation(connID=-1, opID=1730, dn=uid=3fbb8fb0-3f3c-46d2-9f65-d2e144939132,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com) with ChangeNumber 0000015d5fb3433d1efb0000026c error Attribute or Value Exists Entry uid=3fbb8fb0-3f3c-46d2-9f65-d2e144939132,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com cannot be modified because it would have resulted in one or more duplicate values for attribute organizations: org105


    Am trying to understand how patch worked on master but not slave ? Is patching on master via REST2LDAP different from SYNC modify from master to slave via replication?


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    I wonder if you are hitting a ADD + DELETE issue like ?

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