OpenDJ schema import, attribute names not case sensitive

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    I have imported a new schema which defines several new attributes.
    The schema import has worked correctly, but all new attribute names are not case sensitive, and in an ldapsearch appear in lower case.

    Is their a way to make the new attribute names case sensitive. Is it possible to modify values also to be case sensitive? The data to import contains duplicate values but in different case. This last part is not important as the data can be cleaned.



    Attribute Names in LDAP are not case sensitive. How does you application deals with attribute names that are standard (not specific to your new schema) ?


    Ok, I think I know what is going on.

    I understand attributes are case insensitive, therefore it is the same searching for previousPassword than for previouspassword.

    The problem I was having is I was setting all the results in a map, then trying to retrieve results through the case sensitivy attribute name: map.get(“previousPassword”); when they were all appearing in lower case. I modified the schema slightly and now they maintain their case on the search results.

    Before I was using olcAttributeTypes: as the definition. THen changed to attributeTypes: , now case in results is maintained.

    Thanks a lot!

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