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    I’m using OpenDJ 2.6.0 and enabled http connection handler using the default configurations available in http-config.json file. When using OpenDJ REST to update user, it fails with the following message when update includes changing uid.

    {“code”:400,”reason”:”Bad Request”,”message”:”Not Allowed on RDN: Entry uid=<myuserid>,ou=people,dc=sample,dc=com cannot be modified because the change to attribute uid would have removed a value used in the RDN”}

    We have a requirement that a user can change his username and use new username to login next time. But OpenDJ REST update fails when the request also includes an updated uid.

    I’m able to update uid successfully using Apache Directory Studio. But OpenDJ REST end point cannot.

    Can anyone let me know how we can enable OpenDJ REST end point to allow update to uid field also.




    You’ve hit one of the limitations of the OpenDJ REST to LDAP service. It is not possible to rename entries through the REST interface. And there’s a good reason for that, as it defeats the REST principals (In REST principles, a resource has a unique immutable URI. Changing the UID as part of an operation would mean that the result of the request be another identifier of the previous resource, and the updated resource would no longer be addressable).
    We are thinking of adding the ability to rename an LDAP entry through the REST interface in future releases, using an Action. But there might still be some restrictions on the URI and mapped attributes.


    Hi Ludo,
    Thank you for your comments. Is there another way to get the entry updated(may be using LDAP SDK) outside of REST API’s?


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