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     Manchanda, P

    Respected OpenDJ Experts,

    I am planning to set up OpenDJ Replication server to sync the data between different OpenDJ nodes for clustering purpose. I understand that the replication server is enabled using the ‘dsreplication’ and dsreplication is part of the OpenDJ installation.

    My confusion and hence query is that can i configure certain nodes of my OpenDJ to act just as replication server. That is I don’t want the traffic from my OpenAM to be routed to them.

    One option of doing is this via the load balancer configuration. However, I am looking at any configuration with OpenDJ that can enable to achieve this.

    Thanks and Regards
    P Manchanda


    Dedicated replication servers setup is in our documentation :!/docs/opendj/3/admin-guide#repl-dedicated-servers

     Manchanda, P

    Thanks @ludo. This information is helpful. I was bogged down my other work, so was not able to check on this.

    Thanks and Regards
    P Manchanda

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