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    Hi guys!
    I’m trying to create a simple replication with 2 opendj
    1 master
    1 slave
    I followed the guide and I executed these commands:

    ./dsreplication \
     enable \
     --adminUID admin \
     --adminPassword pass \
     --baseDN dc=persons,dc=example,dc=com \
     --host1 \
     --port1 4444 \
     --bindDN1 "cn=Directory Manager" \
     --bindPassword1 pass \
     --noReplicationServer1 \
     --host2 \
     --port2 4444 \
     --bindDN2 "cn=Directory Manager" \
     --bindPassword2 pass \
     --replicationPort2 8989 \
     --onlyReplicationServer2 \
     --trustAll \


    ./dsreplication \
     initialize-all \
     --adminUID admin \
     --adminPassword ciao \
     --baseDN dc=persons,dc=example,dc=com \
     --hostname \
     --port 4444 \
     --trustAll \

    But It doesn’t work.
    The port for replication is only on one of the opendjs.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to give me?

    Thanks a lot!!



    It is unclear to me what you are trying to setup.

    You wrote you want “1 master” and “1 slave”.
    But do you want both of these to be a combined Directory Server (a.k.a DS, i.e. a data server, i.e. a replica) and Replication Server (a.k.a RS)?

    The following command is creating the first node as a DS only (--noReplicationServer1) and the second one as a RS only (--onlyReplicationServer2):
    ./dsreplication \
    enable \
    –adminUID admin \
    –adminPassword pass \
    –baseDN dc=persons,dc=example,dc=com \
    –host1 \
    –port1 4444 \
    –bindDN1 “cn=Directory Manager” \
    –bindPassword1 pass \
    –noReplicationServer1 \
    –host2 \
    –port2 4444 \
    –bindDN2 “cn=Directory Manager” \
    –bindPassword2 pass \
    –replicationPort2 8989 \
    –onlyReplicationServer2 \
    –trustAll \

    The next command (dsreplication initialize-all) only works between nodes which are acting as Directory Servers.


    Side-note: there is no such thing as master/slave with ForgeRock Directory Services. There is only one supported mode: multi-master. See


    Jean-Noel is right, you enable replication as multi-master, but you can set a backend in read-only mode (so it receives the replication updates but reject any client direct update).


    thank you everyone for the answers!!

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