OPENDJ NOT START: help me to delete the wrong configration


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    I did a wrong configuration and so the opendj server not start anymore.
    I can start the process using the last configuration using ./start-ds -L but knwo to remove the entry that cuse the start up failure how can i do ?

    What i need i the admin interface to run this command that erase the wrong configuration:

    ./dsconfig \
    delete-account-status-notification-handler \
    –port 4444 \
    –hostname ‘’ \
    –bindDN “cn=Directory Manager” \
    –bindPassword password \
    –handler-name “OpenIDM Notification Handler” \


    The OpenDJ server archives all its previous configuration files and also keep the last one it started with.
    All the files are under the config directory: in archived-config and the config.ldif.start-ok file (I’m mentioning them from memory and haven’t verified them).

     Andy Cory

    Having verified them, the directory is archived-configs, and the last ‘good’ config is in config.ldif.startok – good memory there, @ludo :-)


    Simply fantastic I recovered the server configuration.
    Below what I did:
    – go to /opt/opendj/config
    – there you will find two important files:
    – config.ldif
    – config.ldif.startok (this is used when you start the server with -L option)

    compare them and find the error removing or modifying the entries. If you need an old version go to ./archived-config.
    Do your modification be carefulling on white lines between the entries.

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