opendj install failure, missing security class

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    Accept the license (Yes/No) [No]:Yes

    What would you like to use as the initial root user DN for the Directory
    Server? [cn=Directory Manager]:
    Please provide the password to use for the initial root user:
    Please re-enter the password for confirmation:

    Provide the fully-qualified directory server host name that will be used when
    generating self-signed certificates for LDAP SSL/StartTLS, the administration
    connector, and replication []:

    On which port would you like the Directory Server to accept connections from
    LDAP clients? [389]:

    On which port would you like the Administration Connector to accept
    connections? [4444]:

    Do you want to create base DNs in the server? (yes / no) [yes]:

    Provide the base DN for the directory data: dc=UNFPA,dc=org
    Options for populating the database:

    1) Only create the base entry
    2) Leave the database empty
    3) Import data from an LDIF file
    4) Load automatically-generated sample data

    Enter choice [1]: 4
    Please specify the number of user entries to generate: [2000]:

    Do you want to enable SSL? (yes / no) [no]: yes
    On which port would you like the Directory Server to accept connections from
    LDAPS clients? [636]:

    Do you want to enable Start TLS? (yes / no) [no]: yes
    Certificate server options:

    1) Generate self-signed certificate (recommended for testing purposes
    2) Use an existing certificate located on a Java Key Store (JKS)
    3) Use an existing certificate located on a JCEKS key store
    4) Use an existing certificate located on a PKCS#12 key store
    5) Use an existing certificate on a PKCS#11 token

    Enter choice [1]:

    Do you want to start the server when the configuration is completed? (yes /
    no) [yes]: yes

    Setup Summary
    LDAP Listener Port: 389
    Administration Connector Port: 4444
    LDAP Secure Access: Enable StartTLS
    Enable SSL on LDAP Port 636
    Create a new Self-Signed Certificate
    Root User DN: cn=Directory Manager
    Directory Data: Create New Base DN dc=UNFPA,dc=org.
    Base DN Data: Import Automatically-Generated Data (2000 Entries)

    Start Server when the configuration is completed

    What would you like to do?

    1) Set up the server with the parameters above
    2) Provide the setup parameters again
    3) Print equivalent non-interactive command-line
    4) Cancel and exit

    Enter choice [1]:

    See /tmp/opendj-setup-115821650187123969.log for a detailed log of this operation.

    Configuring Directory Server ….. Done.
    Configuring Certificates …..

    Error Configuring Certificates. Details: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError: A security class cannot be found in this JVM because of the following reason:
    If you want to report this error, provide the contents of file /tmp/opendj-setup-115821650187123969.log

     Brad Tumy

    Which OS and Java version are you using?


    centos 6.5 and jdk1.8


    OpenDJ 2.6.0 was released before Java 8 was released.
    Unfortunately, Java 8 changed the location (both package name and jar) of the class we are using to generate self-signed certificates.
    You might want install Java 7, at least just for the setup phase. After, OpenDJ runs fine with Java 8.

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