OpenDJ Import LDIF breaks OpenAM setup

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    I am having problems with OpenAM after using OpenDJ “Import LDIF” capability. If I import a very simple entity into OpenDJ in a path that is totally unrelated to openam entities, I can no longer log into the OpenAM console and get the “No such organization found” error. In the OpenDJ Control panel, I can see the data and if I delete it, I still cannot login. If I run the same test using ldap-modify using the same data, everything is fine! What happening behind the scenes that is different between ldap-modify and Import-LDIF?

    Goal is to move ldap data including users from one OpenAM configuration to another. Same versions but the configuration is different.

    Versions are OpenAM 11.0, OpenDJ 2.6.0

    Below are the commands and the data.

    /opt/opendj/bin/ldapmodify -D “cn=Directory Manager” -h localhost -p 1636 -w “password” –useSSL -a -f bar.ldif

    /opt/opendj/bin/import-ldif \
              –ldifFile /home/kirkm/bar.ldif \
              –backendID userRoot \
              –append \
              –hostName \
              –port 4444 \
              –bindDN cn=Directory\ Manager \
              –bindPassword ******** \
              –trustAll \

    bar.ldif file

    dn: ou=organizations,dc=innovationgateway,dc=us
    objectClass: organizationalUnit
    objectClass: top
    ou: organizations

    dn: cn=foo,ou=organizations,dc=innovationgateway,dc=us
    objectClass: extensibleObject
    objectClass: top
    objectClass: organization
    o: Foo Orgs
    documentIdentifier: PUBLIC
    description: Foo org created while testing new model
    cn: foo
    co: USA
    businessCategory: COMMERCIAL

     Peter Major

    I’m not entirely sure that the OpenDJ import-ldif is really relevant for your error message. No such organization found error usually means that you are trying to access a non-existent realm.
    My guess is that if you append realm=/ query parameter to the login URL then suddenly you get a nice login screen.
    Usual suspects:
    * realm/DNS aliases (if a single alias is uses for more than one realm, you can see this error message)
    * freshly created site (creating a new site – for some reason – automatically creates a DNS alias for the root realm so can essentially cause the above problem as well)



    Import-LDIF is meant for bulkload data into OpenDJ, and as such, by default does replace existing data.
    If you need to add just a few entries, ldapmodify is the tool to use, as it allows the new entries to be automatically replicated, when replication is enabled.

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