OpenDJ hangs and does not take in any more connections

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    We have an OpenAM server connected to an external OpenDJ server.
    Recently, we have been observing the below error, after which OpenDJ does not accept any new connections and stays hung on this state.

    “A bind operation is currently in progress on the associated client connection. No other requests may be made on this client connection until the bind processing has completed.”

    What are the possible reasons for this error message to come up?

    Additional Details: We have a one time process which feeds it close to ~7k entries at one shot. We have checked that all connections are closed following this migration. Though OpenDJ runs for a short while after this data migration, just want to make sure if pouring in a lot of data at once might have anything to do with the error.

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    We also created a new OpenDJ instance with very few entries. We still faced this issue.

     Bill Nelson

    The ‘bind in progress’ error returned by the server indicates either 1) the client is misbehaving by sending a request before the result of the bind has been received, and/or 2) the server is incorrectly detecting a bind in progress.

    What version of DJ are you running?

    How are you loading your 7K entries ‘in one shot’?

    Have you turned on debug logging in DJ and are you seeing any interesting messages in the debug logs?


    The “Bind in Progress” error returned is a requirement of the LDAP specifications. A client MUST wait for the Bind response to be received before sending further requests on a connection (and the server MUST reject such requests it receives while processing a Bind request) on that same connection.


    Having the same issue.

    Reading up on here:

    It seems as though OpenAM is only supposed to open up a single psearch connection with OpenDJ. After that, any changes to the LDAP directory will be updated to OpenAM. But looking at the logs and the configuration, it seems as though OpenAM by default sends a bind request every 10 seconds. Is it likely that because some of the bind requests are not completed before another one is received, it could lead to this issue?

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    A Bind request should complete in less than 10 seconds (and most likely in less than 10ms).
    But, yes, if a Bind request is blocked and any other request is sent on the same connection, then the server will reject it with the error.

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