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    I’m facing with a weird issue on our opendj database.
    We have 2 opendj database, with replication.

    On one server, there are some duplicate entries.
    opendj/bin/ldapsearch –port 1389 –baseDN “ou=Utilisateurs,dc=cnb,dc=fr” -D “cn=xxxxx” –countEntries “(uid=304031)”
    dn: uid=012345,ou=Utilisateurs,dc=cnb,dc=fr
    uid: 012345

    dn: uid=012345,ou=Utilisateurs,dc=cnb,dc=fr
    uid: 012345

    When trying to delete entries :
    Processing DELETE request for uid=012345,ou=Utilisateurs,dc=cnb,dc=fr
    DELETE operation failed
    Result Code: 80 (Other)
    Additional Information: The entry database does not contain a record for ID -1

    So I cannot delete them anymore, and I don’t know what I can do.

    Do you have any suggestion in order to recover a stable situation ?

    Thanks so much,

     Jatinder Singh

    I smell replication related issue here. Could you check entryUUID and entryDN (operational attributes) for these entries?

     Bill Nelson

    What you are describing seems to be a very particular behavior, and quite honestly, I am not sure how it could happen.

    I also see that you are performing a search with a filter of uid=304031, yet you are returning two entries that have a uid of 012345. You are also not providing the full results of the search since that would contain the line “# Total number of matching entries: X” in it. So I suspect that you are copying/pasting from a couple different iterations of the execution of this command – or at the very least changing things before you have posted. Please post all of the information here with a consistent redaction of the data so we know what it is we are looking at.

    Having said that, I agree with @jsingh that this may be a replication related issue, but again, I cannot see how. The DN must be unique and if there was a naming clash during replication, then you would end up with a dn that actually contains the entryuuid in it (i.e. dn: uid=012345-dc883c41-b2e3-38d6-980a-9548ba1c136b,ou=Utilisateurs,dc=cnb,dc=fr); you would not see two entries with the same DN.

    Can you please provide the operational attributes associated with these two entries by executing the following command:

    opendj/bin/ldapsearch –port 1389 –baseDN “ou=Utilisateurs,dc=cnb,dc=fr” -D “cn=xxxxx” –countEntries “(uid=304031)” +

    (Note the use of the “+” sign at the end of the search)

    This will return information something like this:

    dn: uid=012345,ou=Utilisateurs,dc=cnb,dc=fr
    entryDN: uid=012345,ou=Utilisateurs,dc=cnb,dc=fr
    entryUUID: dc883c41-b2e3-38d6-980a-9548ba1c136b
    etag: 00000000fa654190
    hasSubordinates: false
    numSubordinates: 0
    pwdPolicySubentry: cn=Default Password Policy,cn=Password Policies,cn=config
    structuralObjectClass: inetOrgPerson
    subschemaSubentry: cn=schema

    Also what version of DJ are you running?



    Hi S.Renard,

    This is a community best effort site.
    If you are a customer or representing a customer, I would suggest you post your question to our support organisation through

    Kind regards,


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