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    During the OpenAM 13.5 installation process, I specified using an external configuration data store with an OpenDJ 3.5 instance. The instance was just set up for basic initialization, not with these steps ( I suppose when you finished installing OpenAM successfully, OpenAM will automatically initialize the OpenDJ instance for CTS storage. When I browse the entries in OpenDJ, I can see dc=ctsservice,dc=com -> tokens -> openam-session -> famrecords has been created. However, the question is, no session token entry is created under famrecords when I log in with different users. Any thoughts? Thanks.


     Bill Nelson


    OpenAM does not configure an external OpenDJ server properly to make it a CTS server. There are indexes, schema, acis, etc. that need to be added to make it a CTS server and as such, you need to run through the steps in the install guide to correct that situation.

    I suspect that you are connecting to the external DJ server as cn=Directory Manager and as such, that is hiding some of these issues. Take a look at the DJ log files and you will probably see errors involving schema, etc.


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