OpenDJ backend goes offline (disabled) version 3.5.2


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    Hi folks:

    In a very annoying manner, when I import a an ldif file, after 400,000 or so entries have been imported, it looks like import runs into some issue and goes offline. It doesn’t give any indication of why did it go offline and it can’t be brought back online again.

    This is affecting us badly. The understanding is that if some data in the import file is bad it won’t be imported and would be added to rejected file (rejected file does contain bad data) but backend goes offline preventing access to even imported data.

    This is not acceptable as there is no indication what is wrong that can be corrected to bring it online.
    Error messages are also cryptic giving no indication of what to do.
    OpenDJ version is 3.5.2.

    This is BAD as we have to create backend again and again losing data.

    Please help.


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    Did you contact support?
    If you’re using 3.5.2, you’re a customer, thus you should start there.

    I wonder if you’re hitting OPENDJ-4237
    From what you are describing, the symptoms are the same.
    The cause is a duplicate entry in the imported ldif.
    This bug has been fixed in 5.5.0. Please test with that version to verify if your problem is solved there.


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