OpenDJ 99-users.ldif file entries got deleted after enabling replication

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    Hi ,

    We are trying to upgrade our system from Opendj 2.6 to Opendj 3.5. In current environment we have two 2.6 opendj with replication enabled and two OpenAM in existing deployment of high availability.
    After performing upgrade steps we are getting sunxmlkeyValue missing error.Please find below the detailed steps:

    1. Stop replication between two opendj (2.6 versions) using ds replication command.
    2. Stop first opendj-1.
    3. Upgrade it to 3.5 version of opendj-1.
    4. Start opendj-1.
    5. Create dn for config store and CTS store.
    6. Configure OpenAM-1 with newly created config dn.
    7. Configure CTS store on opendj 1.
    8. Configure another OpenAM-2 on existing deployment.
    9. Stop opendj-2.
    10. Upgrade it to 3.5 version of opendj.
    11. Create config and CTS dn same as opendj-1.
    12. Enable replication between dns opendj-1 and opendj-2.
    13. Initialize command for replication.
    14. Stop opendj -1 and opendj -2 both.
    15. Start opendj-1.
    16. Then error occurred.. the attributeTypes: ( NAME ( ‘sunxmlKeyValue’ ) DESC ‘Attribute to store the key values in xml format’ SYNTAX X-ORIGIN ‘Sun Java System Identity Management’ ) entries got deleted from the 97-patches and 99-user.ldif file.

    Please let us know if we have followed the correct steps to upgrade. we are not sure about why this entry is getting deleted from 99-users.ldif file.

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