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    I’m quite new with OpenDJ (we have recently moved from OpenLdap to OpenDJ) and I’m here to seek an advice about index-entry-limit.

    Our directory contains 1 million+ users and we often search users by surname and/or given name. When we search by a really common surname or given name, the request last several seconds. That’s too long.
    I understand that this is explained by the default index-entry-limit of 4.000 on “sn” and “givenName” attributes. Since we have in our directory, for example, more than 4.500 Martin (sn) and near 20.000 Michel (givenName), a search of “(&(givenName=Michel)(sn=Martin))” won’t use the indexes and will scan the whole directory.

    My question is, what should we do ?
    The obvious action would be to increase the index-entry-limit of sn and givenName, but when I read the documentation, It’s written that the values of index-entry-limit should be changed carefully…
    Is it “careful” to change the index-entry-limit on givenName to, let’s say, 30.000 or 40.000 ?
    Can we increase the index-entry-limit more if we give up on the substring index, just keeping the equality index ?
    Is there a “standard” configuration for a “large white pages openDJ directory” ? I’ve search the internet for that kind of use case but I haven’t found much.

    Any advice will be welcome :-)

    Thank you


    It is perfectly ok to raise the index-entry-limit for a single index to be able to make sure the index is useful. Typically in your case, I would probably set the index-entry-limit to 30.000 on the GivenName equality index. Note that in that case, you should avoid having substring indexes for cn, as the limit would also be applicable to both equality and substring (and thus possibly very expensive).
    I hope this helps.



    Ok, we’re going to try that.


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