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    following https://ludopoitou.com/tag/directory-server/

    when I start get the below error, any idea whats wrong

    02/Nov/2018:20:02:06 +0000] category=CORE severity=NOTICE msgID=134 msg=OpenDJ Server 3.5.3 (build 20171116121322, revision number 24c471c8001795e857d3cf8981ca94b39222946a) starting up

    [02/Nov/2018:20:02:07 +0000] category=CONFIG severity=WARNING msgID=174 msg=One or several definitions read from schema configuration file 999-user.ldif conflict with other definitions already read into the schema:
    There should be no warnings on the schema, but instead got 3 warnings:
    The definition for the attribute type “json” declared that it should use the syntax “”
    which is not defined in the schema. The default syntax “” will be used instead;
    Validation of attribute type definition
    ( NAME ‘json’ SYNTAX EQUALITY caseIgnoreJsonQueryMatch SINGLE-VALUE )
    failed and will be removed from the schema: The definition for the attribute type “json” declared that equality
    matching should be performed using the matching rule “caseIgnoreJsonQueryMatch” which is not defined in the schema;
    Validation of object class definition ( NAME ‘jsonObject’ SUP top MUST (cn $ json ) )
    failed and will be removed from the schema: The object class “jsonObject” specifies the required attribute type “json”
    which is not defined in the schema. The later definitions will be used

    [02/Nov/2018:20:02:08 +0000] category=JVM severity=NOTICE msgID=21 msg=Installation Directory: C:\softwares\opendj




    999-user.ldif should not have the same schema definitions as any other schema files. Probably 02-config.ldif?



    Thanks Jean for the reply, however I don’t find any matching def anywhere else.


    got this working with another version of the DJ.




    JSON syntax support was only added to ForgeRock Directory Services 5.0.
    It will not work with prior releases.



    Thanks Ludo, figured that out :)

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