OPENDJ 3.0: Unable to read the Directory Server schema definitions on SETUP


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    I am trying to prepare myself a docker image containing opendj instance (based on opendj 3.0). I am configuring and starting opendj instance using a provide “setup” tool. Everything seems to work ok on my local docker host (windows toolbox), but when I try to run my opendj container on a usual Ubuntu docker host, I am getting the following error:

    Unable to read the Directory Server schema definitions because the schema directory null does not exist
    This is how I call the setup tool:

    ./setup –cli –propertiesFilePath ./opendj.config –acceptLicense –no-prompt
    And this is my file with properties for it:

    ldapPort =1389
    jmxPort =1689
    rootUserDN =cn=Directory Manager
    rootUserPassword =password
    baseDN =dc=openam,dc=forgerock,dc=org
    Do you have any idea why am I getting the error?

     Brad Tumy

    Does your Ubuntu container know how to route to


    I have provided when running a container.

    In my dockerfile, before RUN command I am switching from root to some casual opendj user. I tried to avoid that, so now I am running everything as a root. After that change, SETUP tool stopped crashing, but instead it now freezes on configuring server. After killing the process and checking the log file I see tons of these:

    [06/09/2017:09:14:26 +0000] category=org.opends.quicksetup.util.Utils seq=784618 severity=INFO msg=Checking if options -Xmx0m are supported with java home: /opt/jdk1.7.0_80/jre
    [06/09/2017:09:14:26 +0000] category=org.opends.quicksetup.util.Utils seq=784619 severity=WARNING msg=Error testing option -Xmx0m on /opt/jdk1.7.0_80/jre

    It looks like it is infinitely trying to check this jvm option..


    Also, Ubuntu is my docker host machine. Base container is alpine-java.


    Update: I switched to standard java base image, there is no difference at all. On local (Windows Toolbox) docker host all versions are working, on Ubuntu based docker host quicksetup (SETUP) tool is crashing.

    I think that I have a clue at the moment:
    – when running on non-root user there was a problem with null path
    – when running as a root there is a problem with -Xmx0m jvm option – which is trying to use 0m of ram (which is impossible)
    I deduce that there is some problem with passing parameters (getting default values – null, 0 – instead of the real ones) in quicksetup (SETUP) tool. Do you know what could possibly cause that?

    Is it possible that I am missing some enviroment variables which should be set before running opendj setup?

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