OpenDJ 3.0.0 has been released…

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    As part of the release of the ForgeRock Identity Platform that we did on January 27th, we’ve released a major version of our Directory Services product : OpenDJ 3.0.0.

    Here’s a few highlights of this new release. For the complete details, I would recommend that you read the release notes.

    You can also read a more detailed description on a series of article posted on my blog:
    OpenDJ 3.0.0 has been released…
    What’s new in OpenDJ 3.0 – Part II
    What’s new in OpenDJ 3.0, Part III

    OpenDJ 3.0 brings the following new features :
    – New PDB backend based on the PersistIt library
    – Overall optimisation of both the JE Backend and the PDB Backend indexes
    – Improvement of the import process
    – Rework of the replication change datastore, resulting in less disk usage, more efficient purging
    – Consistency of the numbering of changes under cn=changelog, across replicas
    – New dsreplication command to re-synchronize changeNumbers
    – Support for RFC 4523 Certificate Matching Rules
    – New PKCS5S2 Password storage scheme
    – Enhancements of existing password storage scheme for supporting 3rd party generated hashes
    – New disk space monitoring service
    – REST to LDAP enhancements
    – Support for SOAP 1.2 with the DSML Gateway

    OpenDJ 3.0 is built from the tag 3.0.0. You can get the source code from our git repository with the following command line :

    curl -u yourID -o 

    Or you can download ForgeRock binary version from ForgeRock’s BackStage.

    As usual, we appreciate feedback. Please feel free to ask questions, make suggestions, and tell us what you think of OpenDJ by joining the community and getting on the forum and mailing lists (subscribe here).

    Over the course of the development of OpenDJ 3.0, we’ve received many contributions, in form of code, issues raised in our JIRA, documentation… We address our deepest thanks to all the contributors and developers :

    Auke Schrijnen, Ayami Tyndal, Brad Tumy, Bruno Lavit, Bernhard Thalmayr, Carole Forel, Chris Clifton, Chris Drake, Chris Ridd, Christian Ohr, Christophe Sovant, Cyril Grosjean, Darin Perusich, David Goldsmith, Dennis Demarco, Edan Idzerda, Fabio Pistolesi, Gaétan Boismal, Gary Williams, Gene Hirayama, Hakon Steinø, Ian Packer, Jaak Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, James Phillpotts, Jeff Blaine, Jean-Noël Rouvignac, Jens Elkner, Jonathan Thomas, Kevin Fahy, Lana Frost, Lee Trujillo, Li Run, Ludovic Poitou, Manuel Gaupp, Mark Craig, Mark De Reeper, Markus Schulz, Matthew Swift, Matt Miller, Muzzol Oliba, Nicolas Capponi, Nicolas Labrot, Ondrej Fuchsik, Patrick Diligent, Peter Major, Quentin Cassel, Richard Kolb, Robert Wapshott, Sébastien Bertholet, Shariq Faruqi, Stein Myrseth, Sunil Raju, Tomasz Jędrzejewski, Travis Papp, Tsoi Hong, Violette Roche-Montané, Wajih Ahmed, Warren Strange, Yannick Lecaillez. (I’m sorry if I missed anyone…)

    Kind regards,


    Ludovic Poitou
    Product Manager
    ForgeRock France

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