OpenAM/OpenDJ: Non Oracle JDK Support

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     Manchanda, P

    Hi Experts,

    I wanted to understand if OpenAM/OpenDJ and other Open* products support or are compatible with non-oracle JDK like OpenJDK, IBM JDK (for non Websphere deployments) or Azul’s Zulu.

    The docs categorily mention Oracle JDK and IBM JDK for WebSphere deployments.

    Thanks and Regards
    P Manchanda


    OpenDJ has been successfully tested with OpenJDK, Oracle JDK, IBM JDK (7 and 8 Beta) and Azul Zulu (another OpenJDK supported version). No incompatibility known.

     Manchanda, P

    Thanks @Ludo. This information is very helpful.

     Peter Major

    OpenAM is mainly tested on Oracle JDK and IBM JDK. I’m fairly sure that JRockit isn’t supported any more. OpenJDK and Azul Zulu isn’t actively tested at the moment.

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