Openam14: Using the selfregister module out of the box

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    I try to enable the Selfregistermodule in Openam14.

    In openam13, i was able to enable it without email, katpcha, knowledge question or anything.
    Just selfregister, you click in “Create new account”, it asks you for username password surname and that is all.

    I try to do the same in openam14 (eval 5.1.0 version). When I click in the tab UserRegistration, the UserRegistration switch, it moves, ok. I press and it says “Changes saved”. But when I exit and then reenter in the section, the switch is back to the OFF position (! bug?)

    But when I logout, and in the login page i press the “Create an account” link it shows an internal error. Something about “Unable to handle read”.

    Googling it, it seems it may be related to not specif the encritpion and sign key… But i dont know why it needs encryption or sign things if I dont know to send email or anything like that…..
    Anyway, I read some of the documentation. But even if I enter “selfserviceenctest” and “selfservicesigntest” in the textboxes, it fails.

    Am i missing something of encryption keys, please? I have checked that in the folder where oopenam stores its configuration, there are some file, and in one of them there are several keys and certificates with that name.

    Any help welcome, thanks.

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