OpenAM with http Apache server – 403 Error

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    I’ve hard problem about OpenAM. I configured OpenAM with Http Apache Server, using Policy Agent for Apache 2.4. I followed the guide “”.
    Unfortunately, if I call “url of apache resource” with special character, I’ve got this error:
    “Forbidden – you don’t have permission to access …. on this server”.

    For example:
    OpenAM URL:
    Url Apache:

    if I call there’s no error
    if I call there’s 403 http error

    I don’t find the solution. Help me!!!

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     Henrique Droog

    Hi @f-strada,

    I guess you need to use wildcard like /*? and /*?*, I tried to find an example in the documentation but I didn’t. You can try to find here Agent DOC

    Sorry for my english.



    Unfortunately, I don’t find the solution. I tried to disabled “FQDN check” on OpenAM Web Agent, but I ‘ve got same error. Is It possible that OpenAM does accept special character such as “?” or query String? Most of the web url contain query string with special character (?,% ecc….)…


    if you are using virtual host, then add below code to httpd-vhosts.conf (<apachehome>/conf\extra)

    <directory “E:/Documenten/Dropbox/Dropbox/dummy-htdocs”>
    Allow from all


    <VirtualHost *:80>
    DocumentRoot “C:/webserver/sites/site2”
    # Set access permission
    <Directory “C:/webserver/sites/site2”>
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride None
    Allow from All
    Require all granted



    Eureka!!!! I solved the problem!!!! It’s very simple:
    1) TOP LEVEL REALM -> Authorization -> Policy Sets
    2) Select “your policy agent” (If it doesn’t exists, select “new policy Set”)
    3) Select Add Resources
    4) Select as resource pattern *://*.*/*?* and valorize :*?*
    5) Select as resource pattern *://*.*/* and valorize :*

    It works!!!!


    I’ve got other problem on this integration: if there’s a wildcard “*” into query string, I’ve got 403 forbidden. For example:*&yyy=343efwfwe

    The result of call is: 403 Forbidden.
    In this case, It’s not possibile to resolve this problem using Policy Set. How can I resolve it?

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     Rogerio Rondini

    In the previous post you was talking about “” … now you are talking about “”. Is that just a typo in the post related to port 8080 and 8085, or is really missing policy for port 8085?

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