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    Hello community member,

    We have planned to execute a small POC for one of our customer and considering using ‘OpenAM Enterprise 13.0.0 › OpenAM 13’ version. While reviewing supported operating system requirement, we came to know that OpenAM does not support latest SUSE 12 version rather it supports SUSE 11 version.

    We have used 2.1 section of following link to review the operating system requirements:

    Does OpenAM supports SUSE 12 version?

    If anyone from our community have used or currently using OpenAM on SUSE 12, please let us know your experience/thoughts.


     Gentjan Kocaqi

    IMHO, section 2.1 says that “ForgeRock supports customers using OpenAM server software on the following operating system versions” which means that if you will make use of OpenAM 13 in production and will get the support from FR for that particular version then SuSE 12 version is not recommended by FR cause probably they have made tests agains SuSE 11 but not agains SuSE 12. If this is not your case, then I don’t see any issue to make use of SuSE 12. Of course my personal recommandation is to use SuSE 11 if you can ;)

     Scott Heger

    Right. It very well may work but if you raise a support ticket with FR they will ask you to recreate whatever issue the support ticket is about on a supported OS before they can help.

    I personally have not deployed on SuSE 12.

     Peter Major

    @shegergmail-com I believe the support’s approach is even more lenient than that: if we believe that the root cause of the issue is related to operating system, we may request you to reproduce the issue on a supported OS. When it comes to Java applications, such as OpenAM, the operating system type/version usually plays negligible role at runtime.

    The simplest thing to do is to raise a support ticket and ask Support for an official stance on your chosen operating system type/version.

    sidenote: you really ought to set up PoCs with the latest version of the product, AM 5.1.1 (OpenAM 14.1.1), or at least if you really want to go with 13.x, then 13.5.1 (the latest maintenance version of 13.x)


    Thanks you all for you valuable inputs. We have choose to go with SUSE 12.1.

    Mayank Jain

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