OpenAM SSO with Active Directory for Authentication and DataStore


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    Since ForgeRock has so many products in IAM , it makes difficult to find how it works

    Looking for some flow with realtime use cases if you could help with

    1. Flow on how Internal users (via Web Browser) can make use of SSO for their application using OpenAM and AD. assuming OpenAM and AD is deployed and configured.

    2. Flow on How External users can access Application using SSO.

     William Hepler

    I’m not quite following your question but there are some free self paced training that you can access from this site, goto the Docs & Learning, University, then choose self paced.

    General authentication flow examples are included in this.

    1. Do you mean just using Active Directory as an LDAP provider? This would be a Module, but could also be part of a Chain or Tree.
    2. Do you mean using SAML or some other federation?

    It depends on if your planning just to use Modules, Chains, or Tree’s to accomplish the Login/Authentication step that your interested in. Additionally is this flow your asking about have an Agent protecting any resource?

    Better understanding your question should help determine which version and portion of the documenation to review.
    As an example for an agent you could review:

    Which has work flow examples.

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