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    I’m trying to tuning User data store(PostgreSQL) and OpenAM REST API.
    Right after create user using REST API, I search the user by REST API. But the user cannot be found.
    I refer to this page, I understood it is because RDB(PostgreSQL) don’t have “persistent search”.

    So I set the parameter “”. That went well.

    Actually, I do not want to disable the cach. What would be a another good way to do it?
    And, can RDB not really to persistent search?

    Please give me your help.

     Peter Major

    There is no persistent search for databases, no. You should disable am.sdk.caching and enable sm.cache straight afterwards. But create+search shouldn’t be a cache related issue, searches aren’t (“quite”) cached, maybe your create never actually succeeded in the first place?


    Thank you, Peter.
    In fact in OpenAM admin console the user was created by the first REST command.
    I think the RDB has not been committed yet.

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