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    I am working with openAM and currently doing some performance test with API.

    It seems like API performance is getting slow if increase the request quota.

    How to increase the max thread count in openAM and also let me know the recommended server configuration to accept multiple request/second.
    Please see my JMeter configuration,

    Number of threads: 100
    Ramp-Up period: 1 Second
    Loup count: forever

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    Finally, I have found that where API is getting slow,

    Please follow the steps to reproduce the issue

    1 – Configure Jmeter with login API ( 50 requests/ per second)
    2 – Start Jmeter
    3 – call login API from any other rest client (Ex: postman), You will get the new token (Jmeter should be run when generating this token)
    4 – call any other API with the newly generated token (API will take more time to response)

    Note :

    If you try with step 4 with any old token, there is no performance issue.

    Please let me know if you need more clarification

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