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    I followed the the below URL to configure OpenIG with OpenAM

    Taking Procedure 5.2 :

    If my OpenIG is running on “” , and want to generate DES key what should be my route handler.

    below one is not working:

    [[email protected] routes]# cat /root/.openig/config/routes/04-keygen.json

      "handler": {
        "type": "DesKeyGenHandler"
      "condition": "${matches(request.uri.path, '^/keygen')
                      and (matches(contexts.client.remoteAddress, ''))}"

    when I run curl to generate key:

    [[email protected] routes]# curl
    { "error": "Something gone wrong, please contact your system administrator."}

    DNS is configured :

    [[email protected] routes]# curl
    { "error": "Something gone wrong, please contact your system administrator."}

    I had similar problem. Similar because I didn’t get “Something done wrong” instead I had a text of an http of a simple application page. That was because I had OpenIG and sample application set as in Chapter2, with route defined to redirect OpenIG traffic to sample app. As soon as I removed that config (~/.openig/config/config.json and ~/.openig/config/routes/zz-default.json and 01-static.json) and left only the 04-keygen.json route I was able to generate the DES key.


    Solved it!

    I just went to the OpenAM Home Directory “cd $TOMCAT/webapps/openam/WEB-INF/lib”
    java -classpath forgerock-util-1.3.5.jar:openam-core-12.0.0.jar:openam-shared-12.0.0.jar com.sun.identity.common.DESGenKey

    and was able to generate the key! thn saved the key in openig config.json

    Its working fine now.

    Thanks eshraiman for your post though!


    How about fetching an event from OpenAM/OpenDJ??


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